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 Why Choose Middlesex?

1) Driving is a lifelong skill and Driver’s Education shouldn’t be just about location, money or where your friends are going. Remember, the potential for a problem can appear in a split second around every corner. Choose a school with a proven record.

2) We are committed to safety and are very experienced at this…. Real life experience brings Driver’s Ed to life.

3) At Middlesex, there is no wait to drive if you need to get done quickly. We recognize that some people wait a period of time after getting their permit to enroll in Driver’s Education. If you are this person, we certainly can accommodate you.

4) Middlesex Driving Academy is competitively priced. For 30 hours of classroom instruction, 12 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation your cost is only $710.00. Compare what the other schools teach in their 30 hour class and you will find we do not cut corners. Your time is too valuable. You will get what you pay for……and more. Our parent class (if needed) is $50.00 and the MASS DOT driver’s education certificate is $15.00

defaul4Our goal is to teach people how to be lifelong safe drivers, not just pass a road test. We’re good at this and do it every day for drivers of all ages. How do we do it? We believe that the best way is by building a proper traffic safety foundation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

You will find that all our instructors have the ability to create an ideal balance of focus and ease for each classroom and road session. Whether you are about to get your permit, are new to driving in the Commonwealth or are a senior needing some help getting comfortable behind the wheel again, we at the Middlesex Driving Academy are ready to help. Give the professionals a call today.